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Contact Information

Principal: Mr. Sida



(818) 881-7737 


Office Manager: Ms. Guillen



(818) 881-7737 ext. 4120


Counselor: Mrs. Sepanj



(818) 881-7737 ext. 4127


Pupil Services & Attendance Counselor:

Ms. Horton


A-G Diploma Counselor: 

Ms. Castro


Parent Center Director:

Tatiana Dean


Phone: (818) 881-7737 ext: 4125

About Us


We are Independence Continuation High School, a 2019-2020 model school within LAUSD. Welcome!

school vision

Every member of the Independence High School community will inspire students to become lifelong learners and producers. Elevated expectations for students include an emphasis on academics, technology, and good citizenship with a focus on acceptance and comprehension of the multicultural community, and lifestyles that make up the City of Los Angeles.

School mission

Independence High School is devoted to providing alternative pathways in education, which enable all students to realize and maximize their potential.

our beliefs

We believe all Independence students

  • Deserve to be safe, respected and held responsible.
  • Can learn and are unique.
  • Deserve to be challenged to reach their potential and goals.
  • Will be technologically proficient.
  • Will be prepared to accept their roles as individuals in society.

school responsibility

Our staff have a shared responsibility to help all of our students reach their potential.